The 3 Podcasts You Need to Follow

1. Hardwell on the Air

Hardwell has been making quite the name for himself at such a young age (24) and has made himself of the undisputed heir to Tiesto has the king of progressive house music. Hardwell on the Air is a highlight of the latest remixes and many of the songs you will be putting on your iPod a month from now. If you like Hardwell’s upbeat sound and the top-charting formula of Top 100 DJ + little-known-big-voice-female singer + a Souncloud sensation DJ due the remix, then Hardwell on the Air is the Saturday night podcast for you.

2. Tiesto’s Club Life

By far the most popular electronic dance music podcast ever and the oldest, it’s considered the pinnacle of a DJ’s career when he is featured on Tiesto’s weekly mix of the best of the best. Although some songs you will have already heard on the colloquial Toronto Top 40 station, Tiesto’s mixes are a true testament to his mastery of beats per minute. His mix of Top 40, classics, mash-ups, and live performances make this podcast essential for any subway ride.

3. Jacked Beats Radio

Definitely a unique podcast. It has the aestheticism of a dive bar; Afrojack does not label the songs playing, has single off-pixeled .jpeg cover art, and only comes out whenever he feels like taking a break from touring or when he’s bored (stoned?) to put one together. But when he does, what. the. hell. Each mix is an instant classic that will have you going crazy google-ing and youtube-ing mixes of songs you know all the lyrics to, but in no corner of your brain can you find the name of the DJ or even the first letter of the song. Definitely one to check, but make the four episodes that to exist last.


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