Veld is Coming

In an overall sense, this was $150 well spent. Well, $200 if you count the fact I bought tickets for three and offered discounts for my friends, and the fact I lost my umbrella.

Day 1 was somewhat lifeless for me until Steve Aoki showed up in the main stage, although I did enjoy the Bacardi Tent for a bit with DallasK and others. Steve Aoki was good, but my fav set that day went to Steve Angello, with Knife Party coming second. I couldn’t enjoy deadmau5’s set as much as I wanted to due to all the druggies pushing and shoving everywhere, plus the fact I lost my friends during the set. Seems like he wasn’t happy as well since most of his new gadgets were damaged in the rain…

I didn’t arrive for Day 2 until around 5:30pm as I overslept (heh), so I went for Nicky Romero’s set, then went to Gareth Emery’s set, followed by Avicii of course. Best part about Nicky Romero was he got the crowd hyped with Internet Friends much better than Knife Party…that’s gotta hurt for them like a knife. Gareth’s set was good as well, though to be honest I don’t know his style very well until that day. The crowd was hyped, but not was pushy as the main stage, which I liked. Avicii was definitely the set of the festival though, his visual effects overpowered deadmau5’s, the crowd was dancing like crazy (but again, not as pushy compared to deadmau5), and he didn’t even need to play Levels until the first encore when 1/4 of the crowd already left. Oh, and he played Zombie Nation. WHAT!

My only complaint? The muddy field. I was down by the park on Friday examining the setup, and when I saw the muddy field…I knew I was in for a dirty two days.


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